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Kukačka v temném lese / Cuckoo in a Dark Forest. 1986. HD.
 CZ. Pozoruhodný pokus načrtnout věrohodný portrét nacistického důstojníka, velitele koncentračního tábora, se dotýká protikladných stránek jeho osobnosti - na jedné straně starostlivý, pečující o rodinné blaho, na druhé straně bezcitný nacista, uplatňující bez zábran vyhlazovac ... Читать дальше »
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La rabia / Anger. 2008.
 ES. Una tragedia que tiene lugar en la árida pampa argentina: el adulterio, el odio y varias diferencias acaban en una explosión de rabia y violencia que destroza a dos familias. Cuando Poldo se percata de que su gran camarada, el granjero Pichón, ha ofendido a la pequeña Nati, su hija muda, decide romper por completo la relación que tenían. Poldo t ... Читать дальше »
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Krempoli - Ein Platz für wilde Kinder. Episodes 1-4. 1975.
Die Serie spielt in München und handelt von Kindern, die in ihrer Umgebung zunächst keine Spielmöglichkeiten finden. Der freundliche Besitzer eines Sperrmüll-Lagers – von den Kindern später liebevoll „Opa Krempel“ genannt (gespielt von dem damals keineswegs alten Hannes Gromball) &nd ... Читать дальше »
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Kočičí princ / Katzenprinz, Der. 1978. DVD.
 EN. The castle custodian Král is moving to a new place of work with his wife, son Radek and a five - years old daughter Terezka. Radek takes his cat Líza with him. A fully loaded truck moves through the country which is in spring blossoms, gradually changing into a snow-covered land. Children's imagination ... Читать дальше »
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It Felt Like Love. 2013. HD.
It Felt Like Love is a 2013 independent drama film, the first feature film directed by Eliza Hittman.

Fourteen year old Lila envies the ease with which her best friend Chiara, on the cusp of her sixteenth birthday, deals with boys. Chiara has been sexually active, although she has only gone to third base with her current boyfriend, Patrick. With no experience whatsoever on the sexual front, ... Читать дальше »
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Anthology of short films. Part 73.
 The new issue of the collection of short films number 73, today the program has 10 mini-films, including a very ancient one.
1. Na hory / On the Mountains. 2018. HD.
Příběh o tom, co dětem může způsobit obyčejné brouzdání po internetu. A rodičům změnit život...
Director: Brano Holícek.
Cast: Pa ... Читать дальше »
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Für immer und immer. 1997.
 «Ein Kind, zwei Frauen. Ein Kampf auf Liebe und Tod.»
DE. "Ich bin deine Mutter", mit diesem Satz bricht Melanie nach fünf Jahren plötzlich in das Leben der kleinen Maria ein. Mit Geschenken, Schmeicheleien und Verführung will sie das Mädchen um jeden Preis aus der heilen Welt ihrer Pflegefamilie herauslocken. Und si ... Читать дальше »
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Farvel, jeg hedder Kurt. 1969.
 DK. Alberte er 6 år... og 3 dage. Det er søndag og hendes mor og far sover længe, så Alberte skal være stille. Hun står op og vil spise morgenmad - franskbrødet er tørt, så hun beslutter sig for at bage et nyt brød. Mor kommer op og bliver sur over rodet i køkkenet. Alberte bliver vred, så hun beslutter sig for at flytte og vil hedde Kurt. Hun bygger hus på boden, der ligger ved badebroen. Hun får hjælp til byggeriet af damen i en båd, der måske er en ... Читать дальше »
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El pacto / The pact. 1976.
 When they were children, Sergio and Teresa, brother and sister, made a promise to never leave each other. They grow up, and their unusual love becomes stronger. But Teresa has inherited the mental disease that led her mother to suicide. She only wants to live with her brother in her own world, and becomes violent against the rest of people.
' ... Читать дальше »
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Ophelia. 2013.
 The forest, the dunes, the ocean. Thomas and Simon, 12 and 9 years old, pedal fast. They know she comes to sunbathe here everyday, naked, on the beach. Away from the rest of the world.
Director: Annarita Zambrano.
Cast: Audrey Bastien, Léo Castell, Django Desplain.
France, 2013.
Language: French.
... Читать дальше »
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Du Sel Sur La Peau. 1984.
 The universally recognized topic of this light comedy is the struggle between refusing to fall in love only to be rejected, and falling in love, regardless. After a computer operator (Richard Bohringer) has been through a painful relationship, he is determined to look the other way every time any interesting woman enters his life. He has his other loves -- photography and model pla ... Читать дальше »
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Dorsvloer vol confetti / Confetti Harvest. 2014.
 NL. De jonge Katelijne groeit op in een streng protestants boerengezin. Als enige meisje tussen zes broers wordt ze nauwelijks betrokken bij het werk op de boerderij en buitengesloten in de dagelijkse gesprekken. Hierdoor laat ze haar verbeelding de vrije loop door zich over te geven aan Bijbelse verhalen, roddels en zelfs sprookjes, hoewel ze die eigenlijk niet mag lezen. Tijdens de bruiloft van haar broer overdonde ... Читать дальше »
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Podróż / Journey. 2006. HD.
 PL. Bohaterką filmu jest Iwona (Gabriela Muskała). Ma męża i dwie córeczki. Stanowią pospolitą polską rodzinę mieszkającą w typowym, jak na polskie warunki, blokowisku. Iwona pracuje jako kasjerka w supermarkecie spożywczym. Jej mąż, Janusz (Jacek Braciak), jest bezrobotny i tylko od czasu do czasu dorabia pomagając przy przeprowadzkach. Bra ... Читать дальше »
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Apflickorna / She Monkeys. 2011.
 She Monkeys (Swedish: Apflickorna) is a 2011 Swedish drama film directed by Lisa Aschan, starring Mathilda Paradeiser, Linda Molin and Isabella Lindqvist. The film focuses on psychological power struggles between two teenage girls engaged in equestrian vaulting.
«She Monkeys is a modern western about power, sex, and creatur ... Читать дальше »
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De uanstændige / Topsy Turvy. 1983.
 Filmen foregеr i 1939, hvor den attenеrige Thomas (Lars Bom) har andet at tжnke pе end de store verdensbegivenheder. Han er fra et stift og smеborgerligt hjem, men mшdet med nabofamilien Thamms, der har tvillingerne Topsy (Nonny Sand) og Mick (Thomas Alling) pе hans egen alder, vender op og ned pе alt, han har lжrt. Det er et excentrisk kunstnerhjem, hvor han mшder en frigjort indstilling til alle former for sex.
Director: Edward Flem ... Читать дальше »
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看上去很美 / Kan shang qu hen mei / Little Red Flowers. 2006.
CN. 《看上去很美》(英語:Little Red Flowers)是一部於2006年3月18日在中国大陸上映的電影,由张元导演,根据王朔同名小说改编。
影片由北京世纪喜讯文化发展有限公司和意大利的Downtown Picture联合出品。讲述3岁男孩方枪枪的成长故事,从孩子的视角看大人的世界,折射出了一些社会问题。
由于爸爸工作的原因,虽然很不情愿,但从小和奶奶一起生活的方枪枪还是被爸爸送到了一所有几百名小朋友的幼儿园里。幼儿园里的老师看起来挺和蔼可亲的。< ... Читать дальше »
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Boys and girls alone. 2009.
 Ten boys and ten girls, aged between eight and eleven, are given the chance to experience life without adults for two weeks.
An ambitious four-part documentary series sees ten boys and ten girls aged between eight and eleven being given the chance to experience life without mum and dad for two weeks. Living in two 'villages' and separa ... Читать дальше »
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BBC: The Human Body. 1998.
 Documentary series "The Human Body" is a very unusual and fascinating story of how, in fact, functioning in the human body, interaction between its major systems and organs.
Unique camera technology, using miniature cameras, introduced in the human body, and the use of specially developed computer graphics.
The series consists of 8 fil ... Читать дальше »
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American Nudist. 2011.
 A young woman invites a filmmaker to follow her through the modern world of nudism. American Nudist is not what you will expect when you hear the term "nudist film." T. L. Young plays Taylor, a former nudist who claims he used to run a nudist club in his home town in Hawaii.More info - ... Читать дальше »
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