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Podarok. 1983.
 The film is about the first and pure love of three boys of twelve - Ismat, Oleg and Mumin to more senior than them, the girl Salem. Competing with each other to attract the attention of Salima, they tried to buy gifts for her, getting into different comic situations. Unexpected for lovers boys final: Salem marries.
Director: Batur Arabov.
Cast: Firuz Boboev, Eugene Kra ... Читать дальше »
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The Swimmer. 2013. HD.
 Perth, Western Australia. Shark Attacks 10 year-old boy leaving a scar that will never heal.
Director: Giovanni Basso.
Cast: Olivia Charlotte, Finleigh Dignam, Tommaso Puccini, Adam T Perkins, Daniel Wilkins.
Australia, 2013.
Language: English.
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Nirgendwo in Afrika / Nowhere in Africa. 2002.
 A Jewish family in Germany emigrate short before the Second World War. They move to Kenya to start running a farm, but not all members of the family come to an arrangement with their new life. Shortly after their departure, things are changing in Germany very quickly, and a turning back seems impossible. So everyone has to arrange himself with the new life in a new continent.
Director: Caroline Link.
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