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Fugitivas / Fugitives. 2000.
 Born in a poor neighborhood, Tony hides hides behind the image of a tough woman. She has a boyfriend, Juanjo, and two pals, a strange couple formed by Maxi, who is obsessed with martial arts, and moco, a terminal junkie. They all decide to hold up a Lottery Administration in Madrid. But Juanjo has another plan: he's going to betray his ... Читать дальше »
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Im Schwitzkasten. 2005. HD.
Eine Art Selbsthilfegruppe trifft sich jeden Donnerstag in der Sauna von Jost und Nadine (Charly Hübner und Christiane Paul). Da geben der Langzeitarbeitslose Toni (Andreas Schmidt), die frisch vom Himmel ins Arbeitsamt gefallene Stewardess Dani (Esther Zimmering) und Monika (Laura Tonke), die promovierte Sozialhilfeempfängerin, einander Einkaufstipps. St ... Читать дальше »
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Maladolescenza / Spielen wir Liebe / Puppy Love. 1977. FULL-HD.
 It found a high-quality version of this film Bluray 1080p (full version uncensored).
IT. Durante le vacanze due adolescenti scoprono il sesso. L'arrivo di una coetanea sconvolge i loro rapporti, dando luogo ad un triangolo che si concluderà in tragedia.< ... Читать дальше »
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