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Anthology of short films. Part 93.
Anthology of short films. Part 93.
  Another one issue of Anthology of Short Films, number ninety-three now, is ready for viewing. Today here are 6 mini-films of various countries mostly new and in a high resolution.
1. Pollito Chicken, Gallina Hen. 2012. HD.
Macarena got her first period. This will became her worst problem and her biggest secret. She will not be able to get over this until she visits a chicken hatch farm.
Director: Marta Hernaiz Pidal.
Cast: Antón Araiza, Rebeca Tolsá Bolado, Lety Gómez.
Mexico, 2012.
Language: Spanish.
1280x720 HD
2. Niño rana. 2019. HD.
Paula viaja a un pueblo de montaña buscando superar algo que le ha sucedido y así llevar a cabo un trabajo que se le ha asignado. Al llegar a la casa, inmersa en la vegetación, se encuentra con la presencia misteriosa de un niño. Ambos, seres solitarios, comparten el pasar de los días hasta que advierte ciertos comportamiento extraño en el chaval.
Directors: Laura Zenobi, Lucas Altmann.
Cast: Ariadna Asturzzi, Balthazar Murillo.
Argentina, 2019.
Language: Spanish.
1280x720 HD
3. Frontier. 2018. HD.
After two days alone in the woods, a young girl's reality begins to blend with her favorite comic book.
Director: Chuck Klevin.
Cast: Zoe Clarke, Juli Emmons, Matthew H. James.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
4. Bizco / Crosseyed. 2019. 4K.
A pair of anarchic nuns go on a road trip with a coach load of kids.
Director: Iván Noel.
Cast: Agustín Quevedo, Carolina Britos, Aída Roisman, Carlos Ibarra, Mariano Martínez, Rafael Vazquez, Tomás Vazquez, Delfina Cardarelli, Camila Núñez, Jazmín Ibarra.
Language: Spanish.
Argentina, 2019.
3840x2160 Ultra-HD
5. Le cas Perrot. 2019. HD.
Le Cas Perrot depicts a dreamlike world in a realist manner. It was shot with amateur teenagers in the style of a documentary in order to make fantastical contents seem naturalist. It was hence written and directed adhering to the logic that the brain adopts during sleep.
Director: Rony Tanios.
Cast: Alexis Nativel, Laurence Flahault, Stéphanie Vertray, François Godart, Jean-François Collados.
France, 2019.
Language: French.
1920x1080 HD
6. This Is It. 1970.
James Broughton's creation myth, THIS IS IT, places a 2-year-old Adam and a bright apple-red balloon in a backyard garden of Eden, and works a small miracle of the ordinary. And since that miracle is what his film is about, he achieves a kind of casual perfection in matching means and ends.
Director: James Broughton.
Cast: Orion Broughton, George R. Priest, Stefani Pérez-Guerra.
USA, 1970.
Language: English.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 93.
Anthology of short films. Part 93.
Anthology of short films. Part 93.
Anthology of short films. Part 93.
Anthology of short films. Part 93.
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