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De Witte / Whitey. 1980.
Белобрысый / De Witte / Whitey. 1980.
 The second movie version, now in color, of Flemish (heimat-)author Ernest Claes' classical novel, titled after the nickname (Dutch 'the White', referring to a blond male) of the main character. The smart but naughty farmhands son's eternal mischief, pranks and disobedience drive his elders (especially teachers, family and father's grumpy employer, a rich farmer, but also neighbors and even the kind curate whose liturgical server he is) and classmates to despair in a time when a boy's punishment was still inevitable, swift and often severe; thus when his mother catches him skinny dipping she takes all his clothes home, forcing him to a long walk of shame, dreading dad's wrath all the way. This version also stresses the story's social and Flamingant aspects.
Director: Robbe De Hert.
Cast: Magda De Winter, Luc Philips, Martha Dewachter, Bert Struys, Robert Lussac, Bob Van der Veken, Jaak Van Assche, Herman Verbeek.
Belgium, 1980.
Language: German, Russian.
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Белобрысый / De Witte / Whitey. 1980.
 De Witte / Whitey. 1980.
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