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Дом / A Casa / The House. 1997.
Дом / A Casa / The House.
 Фильм Шуранаса Бартаса, режиссёра новой литовской волны, чей последний фильм Покой нам только снится / Peace to Us in Our Dreams / Ramybė Mūsų Sapnuose на закрытом показе международного Каннского кинофестиваля этого года наделал много шума. Это пожалуй самая странная, психоделичная и традиционно мрачная лента Бартаса, без сюжета и действия, некий поток сознания, созерцание и воспоминания о далёком детстве. Некий дом из далёкого прошлого, в нём жило много разных людей, они приходили и уходили, кто то и сейчас, возможно, живёт в нём. Мрачная, тёмная картина с готическими оттенками, почти без диалогов - лучше всего смотреть в состоянии изменённого сознания...
Рецензия на imdb:
The House was reviewed a little less favorably than Bartas' earlier films (regular cinemagoers having given up long ago), but personally I found it his most beautiful film yet.
Bartas does tend to repeat himself, it's true. Reviewers love his grim shadowscapes, shot in B/W, of anonymous, more or less lonely, drunk or disheveled men and women stumbling through a haze of cold forests, smoky houses and city wastelands in seemingly arbitrarily fashion - but even they get, I assume, weary of it.
(Contrary to what you might think based on the above, there is nothing gothic about Bartas' depressed realities; and he himself insists, whenever somebody dares suggest a socio-political interpretation, there's nothing Soviet about it either. It's existential. No matter, to me his 'The Corridor' still serves as a brilliant visual summary of the comfortless, hopeless human condition of the former Soviet Union).
But The House, the way I experienced it in any case, showed a whole new step. Not just because there was some color. But because abstract, surrealist scenes of indulgence - eating, caressing - and a suggested presence of tales about the house were added to the mere stumbling in the dark, making the film sensual, almost, without ever lessening the impact of how lost (these) people seem.
More than that. Having suspended, first, your urge to recognize or follow any story line, then, even, your urge to formulate any analysis or interpretation of the images he's providing you with - by the time you're just looking at what you see and *feeling* - suddenly you find yourself watching at a fire outside, on the ice in the lake, and there is a glow, and even the sound of unexplained fireworks, and although it's still lonely, it's *pretty*, and you - well, I was, in any case - are moved, sincerely moved.
Режиссер: Шарунас Бартас / Šarūnas Bartas.
В ролях: Валерия Бруни-Тедески, Леос Каракс, Микаэла Кардозу, Оксана Черных, Алекс Дека, Эгле Куцкайте, Жан-Луи Лока, Виктория Нарейко, Франсишку Нашименту, Эугения Шулгайте, Леонардас Жялчюс.
Франция, Португалия, Литва, 1997.
Качество видео идеальное: DVD-Rip, 2,1 GB, 720x544.
Перевод: субтитры русские.
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Дом / A Casa / The House. 1997.
Дом / A Casa / The House. 1997.
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