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La rabia / Anger. 2008. FULL-HD.
La rabia / Anger. 2008. FULL-HD.
 ES. Una tragedia que tiene lugar en la árida pampa argentina: el adulterio, el odio y varias diferencias acaban en una explosión de rabia y violencia que destroza a dos familias. Cuando Poldo se percata de que su gran camarada, el granjero Pichón, ha ofendido a la pequeña Nati, su hija muda, decide romper por completo la relación que tenían. Poldo también prohíbe a su mujer que vea a Pichón, sin sospechar que ambos mantienen una relación amorosa.
EN. Seх, violence, betrayal and madness coalesce in this disturbing drama from Argentinean filmmaker Albertina Carri. Nati is a disturbed young girl living with her father Poldo and mother Alejandra in a remote, hardscrabble farming community. Nati, who cannot speak and strips off her clothes when she's angry, has few friends and has no one to play with besides Ladeado, the older son of Pichon, who works the neighboring farm. One of the reasons Nati is distraught is Alejandra has been having an affair with Pichon, and the two do little to hide their aggressive, sado-masochistic lovemaking from their children. Witnessing the brutal sex play between Alejandra and Pichon has also had a profound effect on Ladeado, who has taken to capturing and killing wild weasels. Nati begins drawing pictures depicting what she's seen her mother doing, and when Poldo gets a good look at them, he's determined to make his wife pay for her infidelity
Director: Albertina Carri.
Cast: Analía Couceyro, Javier Lorenzo, Víctor Hugo Carrizo, Nazarena Duarte, Gonzalo Pérez, Dalma Maradona.
Argentina, Netherlands, 2008.
Language: Spanish.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
Download La rabia / Anger. 2008.
La rabia / Anger. 2008. FULL-HD.
La rabia / Anger. 2008. FULL-HD.

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