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Le surdoué / The Gifted. 1997. HD.
Le surdoué / The Gifted. 1997. HD.
Twelve year-old Vincent is not a child quite like the others: he has an IQ significantly higher than the average. Solitary, he spends a lot of time to reflect. Its exceptional power of analysis enables him to understand at once those who surround him. It is as well to know the discomfort that is believed between his parents. His father, a craftsman in bankruptcy, lives very badly the success of his wife, a true "wonder woman" in which everything seems to succeed. He feels deprived of his role as head of the family. Vincent learns, moreover, that he has not paid the rent for one year. He decides to fly to his help and raise the sum necessary. His school results began to decline, which exacerbates the discord between his parents.
Director: Alain Bonnot.
Cast: Charlotte de Turckheim, Yves Rénier, Anthony Decadi, Christian Barbier, Sylvie Joly, Veronica Dimos, Léa François, Hervé Jouval, Maude Rayer, Laura Martel, Salem Zeramdini, Maïté Nahyr, Maurice Risch.
France, 1997.
Language: French.
1280x720 HD
Download Le surdoué / The Gifted. 1997.
Le surdoué / The Gifted. 1997. HD.
Le surdoué / The Gifted. 1997. HD.


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