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Mima. 1990. FULL-HD.
Mima. 1990. FULL-HD.
FR. En 1960, dans un quartier de Sète où vit une famille chaleureuse d'italiens. Mima, 12 ans, au seuil de l'adolescence, accepte mal l'éducation stricte imposée par sa mère. Ce n'est que dans la relation avec son grand-père que Mima trouve un certain bonheur
EN. Set in 1966 in the small port town of Sete, Mima, aged 12 and her sister, who are Italian and from a Calabrian family, live in France with other members of the family. However, one day Mima witnesses her beloved grandfather being taken away by two men, and later he is found dead. She discovers that he was killed because of a long-running family feud with the mafia, and does not tell that she witnessed anything, since, if identified, then her father and brothers would be obliged to seek out the killers and take revenge.
Director: Philomène Esposito.
Cast: Virginie Ledoyen, Nino Manfredi, Margarita Lozano, Vittoria Scognamiglio, Toni Cecchinato, Laura Martel, Patrick Bouchitey, Philippe Fretun, Arnaud Giovaninetti, Anne-Marie Pisani, Gian-Filippo Maione.
France, 1990.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
Download Mima. 1990.
Mima. 1990. FULL-HD.
Mima. 1990. FULL-HD.





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