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Please Vote for Me. 2007.
Please Vote for Me. 2007.
Wuhan is a city in China the size of London where an experiment in democracy is conducted. At Evergreen Primary School, a grade 3 class learns what democracy is when an election for class monitor is being held. Three children are chosen by the teacher as candidates and they have a few days to campaign and convince their classmates to vote for them. The little candidates are seen at school and at home, where their parents do their best to make sure their child will win the election.
The film is part of the "Why Democracy?" series. It was aired in no less than 35 different countries around the world in October 2007, including BBC in the UK and PBS (as part of Independent Lens) in the United States.
Director: Weijun Chen.
Cast: Cheng Cheng, Luo Lei, Xu Xiaofei.
China, South Africa, Denmark, 2007.
Language: Mandarin.
Subtitles: English.
Download Please Vote for Me. 2007.
Please Vote for Me. 2007.
Please Vote for Me. 2007.





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