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Roula / Roula. Dunkle Geheimnisse. 1995. HD.
Roula / Roula. Dunkle Geheimnisse. 1995. HD.
A prosperous writer of kid's books falls in adore with a female which very special connection to her dad results in a terrible horror significantly changing the life of all persons engaged. Leon, a writer of children's books, and his eleven-year old girl Tanja come to Denmark for their vacations. Here, Leon dreams to disregard the trauma moving him since his spouse died in a car accident two years ago and keeping him from writing. But the new environment does not free him from his problem - until he makes the friend of Roula, a young lady who runs the holiday house rental agency. Leon is caught not so much by her bodily attraction, but by the trick that seems to cast a shade over her life - and by the scars that they reveal. Roula lives alone with her dad in an remote house. When Leon recognizes the true personality of their connection, it is already too late - he can no much longer stop the slide of events caused off by him. The apparently undamaged and good world breaks apart in as much a consistent as terrible way, leaving the protagonists to pay a high cost for their newly attained independence.
Director: Martin Enlen.
Cast: Anica Dobra, Felicitas Grimm-Luck, Martin Umbach, Ernst Jacobi, Tina Hamperl, Irene Hagensby, Rosa Greve, Birgit Thøt Jensen, Julia Burger, Ingeborg Nees, Gerhard Nörr, Jan Jensen.
Germany, 1995.
Language: German, English.
1280x720 HD
Download Roula / Roula. Dunkle Geheimnisse. 1995.
Roula / Roula. Dunkle Geheimnisse. 1995. HD.
Roula / Roula. Dunkle Geheimnisse. 1995. HD.


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