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Bimujang jidae / The Demilitarized Zone. 1965.
 The film exposes the atrocities of war through the eyes of two children who are stranded in the DMZ after the end of the Korean War. The DMZ, strewn with abandoned tanks, dead bodies, land mines, and unexploded shells, is an exceedingly dangerous place for children. But what most endangers them in the end are not weapons but people.
'Demilitarized Zone' is not unlike the Japanese 'Grave of the Fireflies,&# ... Читать дальше »
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Niet op meisjes. 2013.
EN. Straight With You is a documentary about eleven-year-old Melvin, who has a secret: he is not into girls. Although his family knows, he's afraid to tell his schoolmates, as he thinks they might start bullying him. What should he do when the coolest girl in his class sends him a love letter?
NL. Documentaire over de elfjarige Melvin, die in groep zes zit. Hij bevindt zich in een spagaat: zijn familie weet al dat hij niet op meisjes is, maar op school durf ... Читать дальше »
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Garçon manqué / Tomboy. 2008. When a young girl is sent away for being different, she must hold on to what matters most or risk losing herself.
Director: David Delrieux. ... Читать дальше »
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